Top 5 Facts About Plants in the Office

How plants and vegetation help your work environment

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Plants do a lot more for your office than just making it look good. Here are the top five facts about office plants that prove why having an office plant (or a couple of them) may just be the thing your office needs:

Fact #1:

A study conducted in 2010 found out that having plants in your office lend more than just one benefit to your workplace environment. The results from the study shows that keeping plants in an office can reduce Anxiety/Tension by 37%, Anger/Hostility by 44%, Depression/Dejection by 58% and Fatigue gets reduced by 38%.
This fact alone speaks volumes about the psychological benefits you get from having your office go green.

Fact #2:

Office plants are not just good for you psychologically; they have plenty of physiological benefits to offer as well. In this regard, lowered stress levels and blood pressure levels are the two significant benefits that you reap from having plants around in your workspace.

Fact #3:

Office plants can also help you cut back on Operations and Maintenance costs! Here is how:
Plants help in normalizing the humidity levels in the environment. Offices with low humidity levels often report their interior damaging, especially if it involves things made out of wood. On the other hand, if the humidity levels are too high, that can do structural damage to the office. Plant transpiration ( a process by which plants cool themselves down) can help stabilizing the humidity levels which in the long run can keep your office and its structure all proper.
Also, did you know that a healthy young tree can give you the same cooling effect as ten room-sized air conditioners that have been working for 20hrs/day can?
Let that sink in.

Fact #4:

Keeping plants in the office can make your employees reduce their absences by 50%? Fewer absences would mean more employees showing up to work which would lead to an increased level in productivity. Not only this, but having plants can also lead an increase to the quality of the work that is done. Greener offices report having employees that are more focused on their tasks. Several studies have concluded that having plants in the office can bring down the number of mistakes made because the workers are that much more focused on their work.  
The reason behind this is of course, linked to CO2 in the air. An increased amount of CO2 in your workplace environment can hinder your productivity and keeping plants around is the easiest, most cost effective way of combating this.

Fact #5:

Other than regulating your blood pressure, humidity levels in the air and making you more productive, spending time surrounded by plants can also make you look healthier. Forget your moisturizing lotion for a little while; studies suggest that plants can be effective in reducing your skin’s dryness by 20%.
Put some Peace Lily or Spider Plants around your office and have your mind and body thank you for it. 

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