Crucial Items Every Small Business Needs to Look The Part

Your business presentation

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Looking professional is essential to the success for your small business. If you look professional, then you will win your client's trust. If you have their trust, then you have the sale. But how can we make ourselves look more professional even if we are a new start-up or a one man band?


A picture says a thousand words, and none more so than your company logo. This is the image that you will have emblazon across all of your corporate items and stationary so it needs to be good.

Keep it clear, and add a splash of interest with one or two colours. If you aren't much of an artist, there are plenty of freelance graphic designers out there that will design you one for a flat rate. Check out sites like Fiverr and up work for some more information.

Business cards

Once you have your logo sorted, the first thing you need to do is get some business cards printed up. There are quite a few companies that directly supply business cards in smaller numbers. This is perfect for the small business that is just getting started.

You just have to go to their websites, and you can design your own. Choose everything from the colours to the cut of the corners, to a gloss or matte finish and just wait for them to be delivered to your home.

Business cards are so important because they provide your clients with all your contact details. They also give a much more professional appearance than giving them your number on a scrap of paper or simply referring the to your website.  


Talking of websites, for any small business nowadays this should be the flagship of the brand.

Small businesses should you be making use of the e-commerce options that are now available on the web. They should also ensure that their websites should showcase all of their products and company ethos.

Names Tags

Proper name tags are often overlooked but are a vital part of creating a professional appearance. They can help your staff distinguish between employees and visitors when running tours or meetings on your site. They also allow your representative to be easily recognisable at off-site meetings and conferences.

New start-ups should find a supplier that provides a smaller number of badges to make it a viable purchase for the business. Click here for more information.


Depending on the industry that you are in, you may wish to consider uniforms as a way of getting your employees to reflect professional look. This works exceedingly well in catering and industrial environment. This is because uniforms can also act as protective clothing suitable for the work being done.

For some places, where a uniform wouldn't be appropriate try asking your staff to wear business wear in the company colours. Then you still have that corporate look, without undermining their authority or creativity. Or a company scarf and tie can also have the same effect.

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