Why you should network

The essential need to network

Networking is an essential part of business and wider life. Not only is networkong rewarding but it's also good fun! The following article outline what networking is and the general benefits:

"It's not what you know it's who you know".

This is regularly evidenced by the fact that some of the brightest people in the world aren't necessarily the most successful in terms of making money. Similarly it also explains why some of these wheeler dealer salesmen, whilst not very bright can earn fortunes. Having the gift of the gab and being able to charm is an important factor. However being able to meet and build relationships with many individuals is even more important.

What amazes me is how so few people bother to network. It baffles me how many do not even realise what networking is!

What is networking?

Networking simply means meeting people! There doesn't necessarily have to be an ulterior motive. Just get out there and meet people. Networking doesn't have to be anything complex or even a formal networking event. It can be a simple coffee with someone you recently met, or lunch with a work colleague you don't know so well, or even a quick beer with an ex colleague. Networking isn't complex - just think "socialising!",

Benefits of meeting new people

Success and wealth building is all about building and creating opportunities and then pouncing on those opportunities as they arrive. And how do you create opportunities? By meeting people.

People are the key to everything in our world. Think about how you might jump a queue in a night club - be friends with the bouncers and with the 'clipboard people'. 

How can you get freebies of your favourite product or get them at a discounted rate? Know the people who get the discounts!

How can you find new jobs? Have people put you directly in touch with the relevant people and endorse you personally.

Improvement in your current job

Networking is useful in terms of building knowledge and a presence in your current job and industry. By discussing your job with like minded people you will build up an idea as to what the going rate is allowing you to benchmark your salary. It will also provide ideas as to how you can perform better in your  daily job and assist your longer term career.

Watch out for an upcoming article on how to effectively network.

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