Revealed: The 8 Golden Rules Of Selling Products At Shows And Events

Getting bank for your buck at trade events

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Businesses sell their products and services at all kinds of locations. Some have dedicated retail stores. Others, of course, sell on the Internet via e-commerce websites. But, a large proportion of businesses do so at shows and events, believe it or not.

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Entrepreneurs choose such venues because they have a concentrated amount of people. Plus, many of those attendees are likely to buy from them. You might think that selling at shows and events is quite easy. Well, it can be - if you do it right!
The trouble that some vendors have is they don't understand their target market. Nor do they promote themselves in the right way. The following eight golden rules will ensure a productive time at any event:

1. Research before you pitch your stand

It goes without saying that you should only attend the right events for what you're selling. The number one golden rule is only to sell your wares at places where your target audience will be. So, if you sell mobile phones, few people will buy them at a cake show!

2. Have plenty of stock to sell

The sad truth is that some entrepreneurs feel that few people will buy their products. What happens if you make a roaring trade? Well, you'll have a problem if you run out stock quickly! That's why it makes sense always to have plenty of stock available to sell.

3. Create an attractive display

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First impressions count. When people walk up to your stand, how are you going to attract their attention? The simple answer is to create an eye-catching display! The only thing that will limit you is your imagination and creativity.

4. Accept card payments

These days it's super simple to accept debit and credit card payments from customers. There are many card acceptance solutions out there. And one can even apply for a high risk merchant account. So, if you're new to business and get deemed a high risk, you can still take card payments.

5. Set up a website

Wait a minute, isn't this blog post about selling more in person? Well, yes, of course, it is! But, there will be times where people might want to think about buying something before they do so. Directing those people to your website will give them the choice of buying from you outside of the event.

6. Smile

There's nothing worse than going up to a stand and getting met by someone that isn't approachable. Even if you're having a bad day, it's vital you turn that frown upside down! Smiling is a natural way to be inviting to other people. And it also helps to sell stuff, too!

7. Offer volume discounts

Let's say that a customer wants to buy a few quantities of a particular item. It doesn't matter if they are pastries or PCs. You should offer a volume discount. For example, ten for the price of eight, or something similar.

8. Be polite

Last, but not least, you should be polite to even your most fiercest critics. Why? The answer is simple. The one thing everyone will take away from you is your politeness. That will make them more inclined to buy from you in the future.

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