First Business Conference: 5 Things You’re Forgetting To Do

How to organise a business conference

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Every day in business is crucial, but a conference can have an even greater impact than most. This is your chance to impress potential clients and customers. Meanwhile, you'll be confirming your professional capabilities.

But after putting so much effort into the task, it’s imperative you get the best results. Unfortunately, if you don’t put in the research, your inexperience will show. Pay attention to these features and you’ll be fine.


First impressions count for everything, which is why a great venue is crucial. Conference management experts will help you find yours. As an inexperienced organiser, this might be one of the most important decisions of all.

You should also consider travel and other logistical features. After all, you aren’t going to get very far if people don’t attend. Not only is a way to impress them, but it shows you’ve put their needs first. In turn, this could go a long way to gaining their trust too.


Even if you’re naturally confident, practice makes perfect. You need your talk to be engaging and informative while staying focused on your core agenda. By knowing exactly what you want to say, you’ll express those views with far greater authority too.

It’s not all about the content of what you say, though. Visual aids will often go a long way to helping guests stay interested and on the same wavelength. But nothing destroys a great presentation like technology failures. Know the room and equipment you’re using. Avoiding those embarrassing situations is a must.

Stand Out

Talk is cheap. The best way to wow an audience is to show them what you’re talking about. This doesn’t simply mean using visual aids throughout presentations, though. You should also look to embrace 3D models, prototypes and similar features at any given opportunity.

These elements will make a far greater lasting impression. More importantly, it gives the guests a better insight. Once they can share your vision, they’ll start to see how items can improve their lives or businesses. Moreover, it can give your whole event far greater direction.


Communication is the operative word throughout the day or evening, but it doesn’t end with the presentation. This is the formal opportunity to launch a product, service or idea. But this is also a fantastic opportunity to build positive relationships. Make sure that you take it.

Knowing what to talk about during those informal chats is vital. It won’t just direct the conversation. It’ll also direct your entire interaction and could be the foundation of a long and successful working bond.

Show Appreciation

In many ways, the event is all about you. On the other hand, it’s the visitors that truly matter. Therefore, going the extra mile for them is vital. Apart from anything else, it will leave them going home in a more positive mind, which can only help your cause.

Using promotional gifts will give them a reminder of your event and business on a long-term basis. This could be the key to securing their business, not least because it shows you care. Simplicity at its finest.

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