3 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Your Website

Making money online from a website

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Business websites are a vital part of every organization. You must create one if you want to enjoy a rich vein of success. However, there are times where you might be doing things wrong, and your company will suffer.

Here are three horrible mistakes you’re making with your website:

You’re Not Optimized For Mobile Devices

One of the biggest website mistakes is not making yours mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, then you’re going to have a big problem.

These days, the majority of people in the world have smartphones. And, they use them to surf the internet, and find websites. Google has a system in place that punishes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Your site will be low on their mobile search rankings, meaning you miss out on lots of traffic. The fix for this is simple; optimize your site for mobile devices! It won’t take long, and will make a huge difference.

You Have No Idea Where Your Customers Are Coming From

The whole point of a business website is to attract some new customers. A successful website gets streams of web traffic and converts a high percentage into customers. However, you could be making the mistake of not knowing where your customers are coming from.

If you run a retail site, then it’s easy to see where your customers are generated. There’s software out there that shows you where your traffic comes from, and which people are converted. But, what if your website is more information based? Plenty of companies have a site, and then get phone calls from people that have visited it, and convert them into customers. How do you know where these customers found your site? With special call tracking software, you can gather lots of data on where your customers come from. This will help you get more out of your website, and your business will benefit. If you’re making the mistake of not knowing where people come from, then you might invest too much money in the wrong things. You could be paying through the nose for SEO services when most customers come through social media!

You Aren’t Updating Regularly

Did you know that regularly updated sites will perform better in search rankings? It’s true; Google has a way of finding which sites get updated on a regular basis. And, they prioritize them over ones that don’t make any changes.

It’s easy to create a site for your business, and then never update any content. To get the best results, you need to keep things fresh. Start a blog and post regular updates to keep things ticking over. Go through the pages on your site and ensure that everything is kept up-to-date and relevant. Neglecting your site is an easy mistake to make, and it’s one of the top reasons people struggle to gain traffic.
If you’re making any of these mistakes, then it’s time to cut them out. Use the advice I’ve provided to right your wrongs and get your site back on track.

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