What are the alternatives to investing in stocks?

Alternative investments

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There are so many ways in which you can invest your money, so don’t limit yourself to the conventional options. Sure, most people invest in stocks, but why not consider the alternatives before you do that? You might find a better and more fun way for you to make money.

Art and Collectibles

This is a great way of investing for people who have certain interests. For example, sports fans often like to invest in sports memorabilia. Those and other kinds of collectibles can be bought at low prices if you know where to look and might be worth a lot of money in the future. Old sports jerseys, signed sporting equipment, and match-day programs are all highly collectible. Alternatively, you might want to invest in art. However, the art world is pretty competitive, and there are a lot of big players in the market, so you will have to be on your toes to make money.


Gold is a slightly more conventional commodity in which to invest. Gold bullion prices are looking very good for investors this year, so now is a good time to invest. Gold is very secure, and it tends to retain its value very well. When the stock markets are looking and feeling volatile, as they have been in recent times, then gold is often seen as a safe haven. So, you could secure your money and watch it grow slowly if you invest in gold. You’ll also escape all the hassle and stress of investing in stocks and share as well.



Coins are similar to gold in many ways. Although they also have a collectible edge that you don’t get from gold bullion. People like to collect old coins and that collectability also helps to generate value, which makes them great investments. You can invest in modern commemorative coins or invest in old coins from centuries gone by. Those old coins often rise in value pretty sharply over time, so if you find a good coin at a good price, then you could make big money. It is a long-term form of investment though, so you shouldn’t expect to get rich quick.


If you do decide to invest in wine, you will have to resist the temptation to pop the cork and drink it. If you think you can do that, you should definitely think about investing in bottles of win. As we all know, wine improves in quality over time, and the price also rises too. If you have an existing interest in wine, then it should be pretty easy for you to make the transition from drinker to investor. Make sure that you store the bottles of wine in a suitable way. Most serious investors have a wine cellar that is kept at the right temperature at all times.

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