How to get out of a parking ticket

Getting out of a parking fine

I recently incurred a parking ticket. The charge was £110! However, the council kindly offered to halve it to £55 if I paid within 14 days. Not only is it an irritant to have to pay but it really messes up my finances in terms of budgeting for that month. I certainly wasn't planning for a £55 fine!

Dealing with the parking fine

Do NOT pay the fine immediately!

The first step is to accept that you will probably have to pay for the fine. As such, you should update your spreadsheet to include the cost as if you have already incurred the charge. This'll make you feel a whole lot better already! I promise!

The second step is to make a note of when the 14 days are up - you certainly don't want to have to pay £110! Also make a note as to when you want to act. I would advise that you set a reminder on your phone to "deal" with the parking ticket in 10 or 11 days time.

After 10 or 11 days, challenge the parking ticket - regardless of whether or not you think you deserved the fine. There is nothing illegal about challenging the penalty even though you actually caused an offence - just don't lie in your challenge. The purpose of challenging the ticket is to freeze the parking ticket. The council will then take time to review the ticket and send you a letter in the post/ email to tell you if your challenge was successful. Then if not successful, the council will allow you another 14 days to make the payment. You have automatically managed to delay the fine helping your cash flow. You may manage to push the fine into next months finances, in which case you can plan your spending for that month around it. Alternatively, you can use the time given to make some extra money/ mentally put aside the money for the parking fine.

Challenging a Parking ticket

There are a couple of important things to remember when dealing with a parking ticket:
1) don't lie. This could land you in very big trouble if caught.
2) try to keep it relatively short. The council will read many challenges a day. Try not to waste their time. You want them on your side.
3) admit that you were in the wrong if you were actually in the wrong. Most people like to blame other people/ things. Don't be like most people. Stand out to the person reading your challenge. Start off your challenge with this sentence:
"I'm a complete idiot. I am so sorry for parking there...(insert reason for your stupid mistake)"
4) be humorous. Remember the reader will get bored. Keep them interested and on your side. I recently managed to get myself off a fine (legitimately) where I was in the wrong. I had parked in a pay and display bay without even realising it. In my challenge I admitted my mistake and apologised profusely. I went on to explain what a wonderful evening I had enjoyed, blissfully unaware of my impending shock  once I returned to my car. I included various silly details such as the meal I had enjoyed etc. But keep in mind rule number 2!

It is possible to get out of paying for parking fines even when you are in the wrong. The above guidance will in no way guarantee success but it will give you a chance and provide you with time in the meantime.

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