How to become Rich: Introduction

The following is the first in a series of several articles designed to point out the direction you ought to go in to build wealth. However, there is a twist.

It recently occurred to me that the problem with lots of advice on making money is that it ignores the starting position of the individual. A person starting their working life will require a different strategy to someone nearing retirement age. As such the following series will cover the "Wealth Growth Plan" assuming different starting points in life. Readers are encouraged to read all of the articles in the following series as there are certain pieces of advice that are applicable to anyone. However, readers may pick and choose articles as they so wish.

In this series I will cover the following life stages, following a preliminary article on the basics of wealth creation:

1. Basics
2. Student

The purpose of each article will be to look at personal finance from a higher level, ie broadly, if you were starting from a particular situation, how should your overall finances look? I will try to avoid going into too much detail, but will include links to other articles to fill in some of the detail.

It is important to note that it is never too late, nor too early in life to start building wealth. It is all about having the right strategy.

There will be a slight break in the publishing of the articles as at the end of October I will be publishing the 6th Multimillionaire Road Plan update so that readers can see how my personal wealth creation plan is progressing.

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