Free Foreign Withdrawals

Free foreign withdrawals are still possible. You just need to know where to find them. Metro bank in the Uk provides it's basic account holders with the ability to make free foreign transactions abroad. Here I outline why I recommend it.

Unfair Payments!

I have often found that one of the biggest annoyances of going abroad on holiday is being charged anywhere between 3-5% to withdraw your own money or pay for things with your debit card. This is particularly annoying considering you're already being charged a commission on the foreign exchange. Very few banks help you to get round this problem.

Don't Pay for Foreign Transactions

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As many of my regular readers know, I have been travelling around Nepal and Northern India for the past 5 weeks. Although both are relatively cheap countries to travel round (I highly recommend it!) I managed to find an easy way to avoid charges whilst using my debit card. A new bank has recently been formed in the UK. Metro bank has branches in London but is looking to expand to other parts of the UK. Fortunately signing up for an account couldn't be easier and if you're not from London, take 30 minutes out of your day next time you're in London to do this. You visit one of the 12 (and growing) sites in London and within 30 minutes you could have an account up and running with them. They give you the debit card and online banking details on the day! It's incredible that you can have an account up and running that quickly.

The Brilliance of the Account

The biggest benefit of the card, in my opinion, is the free foreign withdrawals and transactions, perfect for going away. Furthermore they have great customer service and have been extremely helpful. In all honesty I went in to the branch in Borehamwood for the sole purpose of using the account for when I go abroad. However, I have been so impressed with the service that I'm inclined to keep the account now that I'm back and use it for other transactions in the UK.

Not from the UK?

For those readers not in the UK, there are nearly always banks that provide this service, it is simply a matter of identifying which banks have accounts with debit cards that don't charge on foreign transactions.

Readers, there is no reason not to have an account such as this one! Are there any other banks in your country that provide this service?

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