Employers: Are You Breaking the Law?

Remember to keep your business legal

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When we think of employers who aren’t keeping up with employment law, we usually think about really bad people. We think about people who flagrantly ignore employment contracts. About people who make their employees miss national holidays. About people who insult staff members if they don’t do their job properly. But the problem with this thinking is that it’s not always accurate. Some employers aren’t even aware that they’re breaking employment law. In fact, their employees may not even be fully aware of it!

And if neither party is fully aware of it then, well, what’s the problem? Why bother thinking about it too much? Well, the fact is that, regardless of how much the directly involved parties care, you could still land yourself in serious trouble. If someone else notices this breach of employment law and reports you, the consequences could be serious. It could put your business in jeopardy. This applies even if you weren’t being particularly abusive. Even if the employee in question isn’t particularly upset.

We have to be careful about employment law. A lapse in judgement could mean that we’re breaching contracts and breaking laws we’re not even fully aware of. When we imagine these law-breakers as evil people, we assume that we couldn’t possibly be doing that sort of thing ourselves. Employment law is an ever-changing and complex thing. This is why so many businesses seek help from employment law services.

Take a careful look at this article. Make sure you’re not engaging in any of these activities in your business!

Non-compete clauses

For many employers, this one seems easy enough and very fair. Let’s say you own a sock company. (Just an example. First thing that popped into my head.) You’ve got employees that are wizards when it comes to the magic of sock making and selling. There’s another company out there, though, who are providing stiff competition. You don’t want them to ever have the resources you have. So you make employees sign a contract that features a non-compete clause. This would legally prevent them from ever working for a competitor in your field.

It seems like there’s a lot of business sense in such a decision. But the fact is that non-compete clauses are very tricky. In the UK, it’s known specifically as a restraint of trade clause. The problem is this. You can only use the clause if you can provide a legitimate, and very strong, business interest that would be severely harmed without it. Otherwise, all you’re doing is throttling an employee’s career prospects.

Withholding final payment

So you’ve had to let an employee go. But they’ve still got some work property. Perhaps they still have a laptop that was provided to them by you so they could work on the go. Maybe it’s not even that big a piece of equipment. Maybe it’s just a set of keys, or a security pass. Whatever it is, they haven’t given it back yet. Some employers may be tempted to withhold the final paycheck until those things are returned.

It seems fair, right? Problem: you’re legally obliged to provide that final payment the second you tell them they have to go. It’s money they’ve worked for. Regardless of what they still have in their possession, you have to pay that final amount as soon as you’re able. If you do need to look into getting property back from a former employee, speak to an expert in legal matters. (This could be an employment law specialist or an attorney.) But don’t withhold payment in order to get that stuff back; it’s breaking the law.

Exempt employees

In case you’re not familiar with the term, an exempt employee is someone who is paid a fixed amount of money. It doesn’t matter how many hours a week they work, or how many days in the month they work. A total has been agreed upon as a monthly salary and that amount is completely fixed. They may also not be subject to laws regarding minimum wage and overtime. They tend to be freelancers, contractors, temporary, or part-time workers. Non-exempt workers must be paid the minimum wage, and overtime laws apply to them with full force.

So perhaps you can see why some shady employers would be tempted to file all their employees as ‘exempt’. It sounds outlandish, but there are companies out there who are made up almost entirely of exempt employees. But some employers overuse the exempt label just because it makes it easier to pay an employee their salary. Make sure you do not engage in improper classification.

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Simple Tactics To Make More Money From Your Blog

Boosting earnings from your blog

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If you own a blog, you are in good company. Millions of people around the world enjoy blogging as a pastime, and some even make a considerable amount of money from it. But herein lies the problem. With so many people blogging, how are you going to cut through the noise? And how can you get yourself a bigger slice of the pie when it comes to earning from your online platform?

There are some stark truths, I’m afraid. Only one in ten bloggers earns more than £25,000 a year from their online channels. And almost seven from ten earn less than £3,000 per annum. So for anyone looking to replace their current job with a blogging career, it can be incredibly tough. There are, however, a few things you can do if you want to start making more. Here are some smart ways to increase your earning potential and start making more money from your blog.

Be passionate

First of all, be passionate about what you do. You can’t start blogging purely to make money - people will see through you and drop you like a hot potato. So, if you aren’t writing about topics you genuinely love already, it’s time to make a change.

Switch to an underserved niche

There are blogs out there about every subject under the sun. But there aren’t great blogs about every topic - which is where you come in. Look at your passions and then work out a niche for your blog that few people or the mainstream media cover. For example, let’s say you love cycling. There are thousands of cycling blogs of all varieties, so it’s going to be difficult to get heard. Instead, you might blog about cycling in forests, cycling for fitness, or even bicycle modifications. All of a sudden you will appeal to a more niche audience and cut the amount of competition in one fell swoop.

Focus on quality

If you are filling your blog with mediocre posts and banal, useless stories, it’s also time to make a change. Focus on quality over quantity, and take a time to research your subject in a thorough manner. Make sure you are filling a gap, too. Don’t rewrite the same tired old posts on topics everyone else has visited. Be different and challenge the norm. Cover subjects that no one else will dare to.

Invest in online marketing services

Once you start getting visitors, make sure you blog is working harder for you. An SEO expert will be able to find ways of driving more quality traffic to your site. But once they are there, you need to take advantage. Conversion optimisation services might help convert more of your visitors into customers or subscribers. Finally, don’t forget to invest in a little online marketing in your own time, too. Connect with other bloggers in your industry and you will start to see much better, more focused results.

Invest in blogging as a profession

Finally, if you want to make more money out of blogging, you have to see it as a business. You need to invest in your training, different advertising platforms, and many different resources. Without investment, no blog will be fortunate enough to earn a real income. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below!

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Simple Tips on How to Save Money

Building your wealth through saving

Sometimes, it becomes important for us to save a great deal of money quickly. There may be an urgent need to set up fund for rainy days or to buy a new car.

Here I am sharing some simple tips on how you can save money. You can do more saving by either earning more or spending less. These tips touch upon both aspects.

Sell unnecessary things

These days, some ecommerce sites are doing their advertisements on TV. These sites are the meeting points of two individuals - one sells and other buys. You need to upload photos of what you want to sell. Once it is done, you will receive calls from the interested buyers.

The question is what you will sell. Obviously, those you don’t need now or are likely to use in future. Collect them at a particular zone of your house. Look for other stuffs that you could sell. You may have emotional attachment to some unimportant things. Exclude them if they are in good shape. Selling unnecessary items is a good way to make some cash overnight. However, make sure not to spend money - that you earn from sale - on something you are less likely to use in immediate future as you may have to sell it for half of price. Before selling anything, judge its market value while considering the depreciation cost.

Dine out occasionally

It is an advice to encourage you to cook your food at home. It will help you save money and stay healthy. I really hate paying for others’ labor, innovation and time at the restaurants just to avoid sweat and smell in the kitchen. Everyone cannot be a great chef but if you try, you can make yummy dishes at home. With so many high-end tools being available, it is fairly easy to whip up exotic dishes right at your kitchen.

If you frequently visit restaurants, just calculate how much you save by having home-made foods. You save restaurant bills plus car fuel charge. If you are a working professional, bring your lunch from home instead of looking for a food stall during break. Parting your way with the habit of lunching out will save you more money than you ever expected.

Work more

We all know overtime increases your income five times more. If you want to earn more, you need to be ready to work more. If you have an option to do overtime, accept it. Money is sweeter than honey and so don’t think twice to accept the offer of overtime.

Look for a part-time job

Not all organizations require their employers work to do overtime. So, what is the other way to make money? Find out a part-time job. Freelancing works are favorite with the college-goers and house-wives. A two-hour part-time job or freelancing is unlikely to be stressful for you and you will be happy to have some extra money arriving at the end of the month. 

Share your rent

If you are a bachelor or not staying with your family, share your room with someone. It will benefit you in multiple ways. You can share rent and electricity, cable, water and internet bills with your roommate. It is a good option to save your money if you don’t mind sacrificing your privacy. I did it during my college days and amassed a good amount by saving on rent and other bills.

The only thing to consider is to ensure that the person you are going to share your room with is a good one, otherwise; the decision may cost you in the long run.

Downsize your monthly bills

With price/unit going up on a regularly basis, electricity bill eats up a significant part of your earning. If you have air conditioner, limit its use to only a few hours. Wash your clothes manually instead of using washing machine. Avoid using heaters too much as they consume more electricity.

If it comes to cable bill, don’t pay for the channels that you don’t watch. Total package comes at less price if individual price of every channel is summed up. Choose a package that covers most of your favorite channels.

Bring some changes in your food habit. Instead of taking spicy food, eat them boiled or shallow fried. This way, you can save fuel charge and also stay healthy.

Save on your insurance payment

You may have a number of insurance policies to your name and those take up a larger part of your earning, no matter if you pay premium monthly or annually. Before buying insurance, you need to do some legwork in order to get the best rate subject to your requirements and spending power. Get quotes from the website and compare before buying insurance for your life, home, car and other things. There is no alternative to shopping around if you want to buy insurance.

If you want to save more not only for a while but for years to come, you need some serious modifications in your spending habit. Failing to do so will get you back to the spot where you were before.

If you have more tips on quick saving, share those with me.

Tina Roth is the Founder and Editor at personal finance blog. On here blog she covers budget management, frugal living, money saving tips, credit score and many other finance topics to help people build a financial secure life. She is also a contributing writer at Finance Guest Post - a community for personal finance blogger.

How to asset strip a company

Stripping value from a company

Not a nice subject for the article today. Please note that the title was chosen to create interest. I do not condone deliberate asset stripping of a Company. There have been many accusations of asset stripping in the news recently so I thought it would be a useful to analyse what it is and what to look out for in cases where asset stripping may occur. Be aware that many of the below examples of methods to asset strip a Company are also perfectly reasonable tools for use in a business and do not necessarily mean that asset stripping is present. Context is everything!

What is asset stripping?

Asset stripping means exactly what you think it means. To asset strip a Company is to extract the value from a Company depleting the assets. Strictly speaking every time a Company pays a dividend it is being asset stripped. The cash asset (and accumulated  retained profits) are being extracted from the business and given to the Shareholders.

What to look for when searching for asset stripping?

Asset stripping in the more conventional sense of the word refers to excessive depletion of the assets of the Company to the financial gain of the owners. To identify asset stripping look for the following financial products/ behaviours:

PIK loans - this stands for Payment in Kind. These are the sort of loans utilised by private equity fund and involve the owners of the company lending to the Company at a high interest. The interest isn't physically paid to the shareholder until after a set amount of years, normally at the time of a resale. As the interest isn't paid then it is rolled up into the accumulated loan and as such the Company will eventually be paying interest on the interest.

Shareholder loans - a straightforward loan from the shareholder upon which the Company pays interest.

Operating leases - the shareholder provides buildings, machinery or equipment to the Company and then charges rent for its use.

Sale and lease back - the new owner sells off valuable assets such as land and buildings and then the Company rents the items back from the purchaser. The effect can be twofold. Firstly, by selling the assets the new owner can use the cash and pay themselves a large dividend, assuming that there are historic retained profits that allow them to do so. Secondly, the owner themselves may own the Company or vehicle that purchases the assets and then rents them back.

Asset sale - this is a straightforward sale of the assets followed by a payment of special dividends to the owners assuming that there are historic retained earnings sufficient to allow this to happen.

Suppliers - the new owner organised for the Company to start to procure and buy things from their own Companies instead of third parties, normally at a cost above market. 

Cuts - lay off workers, various divisions and functions for a short term cash flow gain and pay the owners big dividends. In the long run this may impact the future viability of the business.

Sale - once all of the above has been done the only thing left to do is to sell all that remains, normally just a brand name and a lot of liabilities.

Handle with care

So now you know what to look for when searching for investors that are potentially asset stripping. But be careful! Use the term "asset stripping" with extreme caution - investors will not appreciate the accusation.

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Why are you keeping money in a bank?

Is the multi millionaire road plan working for you?

You're following the multi millionaire road. You're slowly building wealth. You've got your spending under control. You've got a decent income that you're slowly building up. Your cash flow each month is positive. You're putting money into a pension each month. You're maximising your employers pension matching scheme. You're paying yourself first by transferring amounts to savings each and every month immediately after payday...and you're investing your money by putting it into a savings account.

So you think you're doing everything right?

Well, you're not quite there yet. It was all going so well until you decided to simply place your money into a bank savings account.

Since the 2008 financial crisis bank savings interest rates have been incredibly low, virtually zero in some cases. Even today I'd be very surprised if you can find me a bank account that could earn more than 1.5%. Of course, there are special bank accounts out there that can earn 5% on savings up until a certain amount (normally no more than £20,000 in savings), but what do you do once you've maximised this allowance. You'd better not be keeping your money in that bank account! It's a completely unproductive use of the money.

Make your money work for you

You've got to make your money work for you. Money breeds money. The rich do indeed get richer but only if they put their money to good use. You can do the same thing with your cash.

You're building wealth for the long term so you need to consider taking on additional risk. This will involve investing your money in riskier asset classes. At this point everyone jumps to the property options. However this is only an option if you've got savings big enough for a deposit. There are alternatives.

A couple of alternatives to savings accounts and property investments 

You need to start looking into stocks and shares. There are many cheap online trading platforms. Look into cheap (i.e. Less than 0.5% annual charge) index funds that spreads your investment into a wide range of Companies.

Have a look into peer to peer lending. These can be very cheap and pay higher interest rates than bank accounts.

Invest! Don't just save

The point is that you shouldn't just leave your money in a savings account. That's not investing, that's just saving. Simply saving will not get the significant boost from compound interest required to grow serious wealth.

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How to get a takeaway for free!

Eat for free

There's a common phase in economics that says that "there's no such thing as a free lunch". Having just discovered the latest product from Uber I now know that this is incorrect. There really is such a thing as a free lunch - seriously!

Business disruption

Uber, the well know taxi app that's seriously disrupting the mini cab and black cab market have set there targets on disrupting the equilibrium in another market. The food delivery market has been dominated in recent years by Companies such as JustEat and Deliveroo. But now UberEats, Uber's new venture is hoping to steel market share.

Uber are the ultimate masters when it comes to product launches around the world. Their execution is textbook perfect. They have realised that the biggest obstacle for someone trying a new service is the hassle of having to set up the darn thing, download the app, put in your address and payment details. If someone asked you to politely do it you would never get around to doing it. With Uber's original launch they offered (and still do) new users £15 credit if they signed up. As a bonus you could invite others to join Uber as a reward for more credit. Your friend would also enjoy the same welcome bonus. They too could add others ad infinitum. Walla - you have your product launch and its spread like wildfire! Anyone looking to launch an app or a product could gain hugely from analysing Uber's marketing strategy.

UberEats is now following exactly the same tactics. In order to encourage people to be willing to sign up and input their details they are offering first time users a free lunch (or dinner). This isn't a scam, nor is it spam, this is a genuine free lunch opportunity. Once you've signed using the code below (or anyone else's code) then you can start inviting others and rack up those free lunches. If you don't actually want to give UberEats any money then don't worry, you don't have to use the app ever again. Just enjoy your free meal and delete the app.

How to get a free lunch

Want a free lunch or dinner delivered to you today? Get £10 off your first order on #UberEATS with my code: eats-ashleyb2893. ubr.to/EatsGiveGet

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Creativity and Business

Original business ideas

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The notion of being creative in the world of business may be the equivalent of fitting a square peg into a round hole for some people. The two may not appear to go hand in hand. But the innovators in business, the most prominent example being Steve Jobs, can be the ones that shone a path.

Picture Origin: pexels.com

If you’re a business leader, how do you work the creative notion into the model you’ve painstakingly grafted? What if you’ve hired some outside creative help to ramp it up a gear or to develop an idea? Here are some things that you can implement when working with the creative mind in business.

Create A Business Strategy And Stick To It

There are many creatives that will state empty platitudes such as “genius takes time”, however you simply don’t have time to wait around for inspiration to strike. The world’s best authors worked a set period of time every day. If you have created a structure, enforce it. Businesses that don’t have a clear vision can only tread water for so long, and you don’t have time to wait. Keep up to speed with regular catch-ups and de-briefings.

Don’t Let Them Worry, That’s Your Job

If you are helping nurture someone’s idea, they may get bogged down in the finer details which they don’t need to worry about, like, “how much does it cost to patent an idea”? The creative mind can be an overactive mind, so let them concentrate on the job they have been hired to do. Make sure you take the time to worry about numbers and figures so they don’t have to.

Give Them Space

We all know in what state we operate the best. If they need to work by themselves instead of in a team, so be it. Nurture what they need. It may take a little while to get on the same page, but these things take time.

Constructive Criticism

Feedback is key, and the creative mind may be especially sensitive when it comes to feeding back things that need to be improved upon, or simply ditched. The creative person is a sensitive soul, so tread carefully. Feedback the points that need improving on in between the good points. Heal and grow is a mantra

Are They A Good Fit In The Long Term?

If you find that down the road that they are suited to your company’s style, vision and community, it may be worth investing in them on a full-time basis. The gamble that you made at the start will have paid off.

The creative in business can be a real shot in the arm. You may see your business in a different light than you had before, and you may be forced to work using different approaches. These can only be viewed as positives. Looking back, you may consider your old business model to be constricting. And, in looking back, be think that the day that outsourcing for creative help was the best long term decision you made.

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Great Habits Make Great Business Owners

How to become a good businessman

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Credit: Pixabay
I’ve met a lot of business owners in the course of my career, and although most of them have been fairly competent, there are only a few that really stand out from the pack. Although real excellence can sometimes seem like it’s down to luck, there are certain common threads which many great business owners share. Here, I’ve put together a list of some common habits of successful business owners.

Business forecasting

First of all, they’re always looking ahead. This is one of the most prominent traits shared by countless successful leaders. When business owners simply copy proven strategies and follow marketing trends, they may turn a profit, but their operations rarely go anywhere. If you want to be a great business leader, you’re going to have to go further than the here and now. You’ll need to think like a pioneer, even when it comes to the smallest of operations. Keep your mind open to new ways to accomplish tasks and tackle obstacles, and always keep a finger on your industry’s pulse. Making these big leaps forward often means taking some serious risks, but it’s essential if you want your venture to be as successful as possible.

Credit: Pexels

Business education is key

Another common habit shared by successful businesspeople is that they never stop learning. You’ve probably dedicated several years of your early life solely to learning. However, the world of business never sits still, and neither should your education. As we speak, there are all kinds of new tools, skills and strategies which are being created and making a big impact on their respective industries. If you’re not keeping on top of these developments, you might as well be feeding business to your closest competitor. Furthermore, attending seminars can offer networking opportunities, and studying HR can help you to better understand your employees. Successful magnates like Orrin Woodward are always putting a massive emphasis on the importance for business owners to keep on learning, and there’s a good reason for this!

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

The final habit you should try to hone is always obsessing over value. If you’ve been reading enough about running a business, then you’ve probably heard that old maxim “the customer comes first” too many times to count! While the customer is certainly important, I believe that real success comes from understanding value. From communications to employees to products to content, you should be considering the potential value with every single decision. Once you get used to searching for value and measuring it in everything you do, you’ll gain a better understanding of how everything in a business is linked. Soon enough, you’ll start to see that there are no “little things”, and that everything your business does is another opportunity to increase value. When you apply this kind of attitude to everything you do, your customer service and other facets of your venture will all fall into place.

If you want to be a more successful business owner, then work on getting into these habits. When they become second nature, you’ll start to see all kinds of great benefits.

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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Real Estate Startup Off To A Flyer

Building up a real estate business

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Image result for real estate
As far as investment opportunities are concerned, real estate is easily one of the most popular. Not only does it have the potential to offer some of the most lucrative rewards. But the fact that people will always need housing ensures a stability that other avenues simply don’t offer.

However, this is one investment type where seeing quick returns is essential. You may not necessarily need to turn a profit straight away, but you do need to see money entering your account. Otherwise, you’ll never see any growth. Here are four top tips to help you throughout the ascent.

Know The Current Market

Gaining an understanding of the environment you’re about to enter is advised ahead of any investment. However, this is especially true when it comes to the real estate market. After all, it’s an arena that is heavily influenced by the general climate at any given time.

Property markets will always encounter highs and lows. You can’t always predict the future, but reading the signs regarding the state of the current situation is key. Timing is everything in this game, especially at the start. If you need to wait a few months, do it. Losing out on profit due to impatience would be a tragedy.

Find The Right Opportunity

Having a general appreciation of the market is one thing. On a personal level, though, it’s imperative that your business plays to its strengths.

Image result for real estate
Let’s face it; entering the real estate arena is scary in itself without taking on additional challenges. With this in mind, taking on a solid investment that requires less input from you can be the perfect starting platform. Places like https://hicommon.com/havemeyer offer the ideal opportunities for new investors. The last thing you want to do is buy a fixer-upper only to realize more work is needed than you thought. Throughout those early days, simplicity is key.

Manage People

In any line of business, assembling a great team is imperative. Employees are the driving force behind everything you’ll achieve from the real estate arena. Given that you’re trying to sell (or let) huge assets to change people's lives, it’s vital that you build the right atmosphere.

As such, the management of people is almost as important as managing properties. You can take various steps to creating a better environment, from staff perks to regular team building activities. Most importantly, you must equip yourself with a plan for handling disgruntled employees.

Cover Yourself Legally

The real estate environment involves vast sums of money. If you aren’t protected, one mistake could cost you dearly. You’ll have already gained your broker license, but you should also think about errors and omissions insurance. You can find out more about this safety net at http://www.realtor.org/field-guides/field-guide-to-errors-omissions-insurance.

Of course, you also need to complete other security precautions. Data protection and other elements should be high on your agenda at all times. Not only will this keep your business safe, but it’ll offer greater security to your clients too. As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Discrimination Claims: How To Defend Against Disgruntled Employees

Is your company facing litigation?

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Picture Credit
No business is going to find itself on the multi-millionaire road after a big loss as a result of a discrimination claim. They’re commonplace in today’s society, and you need to know how to deal with them. In some circumstances, the disgruntlement is totally valid, and businesses lose big chunks of cash as a result. In others, ex-employees get an unwarranted victory because the company in question wasn’t prepared. We don’t want you to fall into that trap. If you feel that a recent discrimination claim is being unfairly pursued, you’ve come to the right place.

Collect Your Evidence

Before you even think of tackling this claim, you need to make sure you have all the evidence you need. It’s your job to dispute any claims are made on the part of the ex-employee, and if you can’t defend them, you’re in trouble. This might mean going back through the archives to find documentation and old emails that have been passed back and forth. Whatever you do; make sure you’re in a position to provide the required information when grievances arise.

Understand The Chances Of Success

It’s important to get an early indication of how successful this claim might be in your favour. Is this a disgruntled employee who is only doing this to get back at you? Or, is this an employee that is dedicated to making sure that their ‘unfair treatment’ is compensated for? Sometimes, a settlement is the better option. You’ll want to get advice about this before pursuing it, though, as we’re about to find out.

Seek Advice Early On


If you’re being attacked with a discrimination claim, you need to seek legal advice immediately. There are many companies like Pinder Reaux & Associates Ltd who will help you throughout the entire process. They’ll suggest whether a settlement is worth it, and they’ll also fight your battles for you if a tribunal is the only way forward. You’re not experienced in this field - let the experts handle the nitty-gritty of it.

How Much Will It Cost?

When you weigh up the pros and cons of a settlement, you need to think about costs, too. Think about what the maximum payout could be, for example. Money isn’t the only thing at stake here, either. What about the amount of time you’ll need to invest in defending your company and gathering relevant documentation? What about the adverse publicity that could result from this claim going public?

Learn From Your Mistakes

Ultimately, you’ll learn a lot throughout this claims process. You didn’t want to end up in this situation in the first place, and you might just find that you’ve been doing things wrong. It’s too late to turn back the clock, but use this experience to improve your business in the future. Whether you win or you lose, you’re guaranteed to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the process.

A disgruntled employee is a worrisome prospect for many, but there’s every chance of you coming away with a successful result. Good luck!

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