How to Choose a Tax Preparer

Who prepares your tax?

The following post is a guest post from Edwin Smith, providing advice on how to choose the best Tax Preparer:
There are many reasons that you should hire a tax preparer whether you own a large corporation, a home business, or just a regular person. The main reasons are that tax laws are always changing and there may be ways you can save money on your taxes that you do not know about at all. The main problem is that most people wait until it is close to time to file their taxes before they even start looking for some to prepare their taxes. It is best to have a person that will ensure you have all the papers you need to file properly. By choosing a tax preparing and learning about the things you need long before the filing date, will help you throughout the year know what types of receipts you need to keep in order to help when it comes to filling out the tax forms.

Choosing your tax preparer

Now, you must be wondering how you go about choosing a tax preparer.

  1. Always ask for references. Do not just keep the list, but contact the references. You should ask questions regarding their experiences and if the tax preparer was available or if it took days for the office to return your call.
  2. Learn more about the history of the company. Are they listed with your local Chamber of Commerce? You also want to learn what licenses and degrees the employees hold and if they are listed with board of accountancy for CPA’s.
  3. You should choose a tax preparer that knows all the current laws in your province as well as Canada.
  4. Of course, you need someone that you can trust with your information and one that you are comfortable with so you can show them your financial records.
  5. Ensure that the person you choose has the proper credentials in order to file your taxes. If there are any problems, your tax preparer should be able to provide the information needed for any type of audit, so you never have to worry with any of the paperwork.
  6. Always be leery of any tax preparer that offers you the stars and moon. No one can help you get more money back on your tax refunds than you are entitled to under the law.

When looking for tax preparation in Calgary, you should always check with more than one company and find one that you can trust with your tax information. The most important part of all is that you choose a person that you feel will best represent you and keep your information confidential.

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