Is American Express the best credit card?

American Express credit cards

I have written many times on the many benefits of using credit cards. However, one of my main reasons for using a credit card is to obtain cashback on spending I would have made anyway. 

I currently own three different cashback credit cards, all with various different benefits. I have an Aqua card that provides 0.5% cashback, a Barclaycard that provides 0.25% cashback plus 2% on my 5 biggest purchases, however, I mostly use the American Express Platinum credit card. Assuming I perform the majority of my spending on the American Express card, I can earn up to 1.25% cashback. 

Why is American Express my preferred card?

According to a recent uSwitch poll, American Express was ranked as the top credit card provider. This could be due to a number of reasons. The cashback return is very good. American Express credit cards regularly hit the top of lists of the best cashback credit cards on comparison website lists. Since January I have currently earned about £125 cashback (helped by a special introductory 5% cashback rate), for spending that I would have done anyway! However, the best thing about the particular card that I use is that it was free and there is no annual charge.

Criticism of American Express Credit cards?

I have discussed the credit card with a few people and the main criticism that I hear about American Express credit cards is the inability to use the credit card in many shops. In my opinion this is a complete myth. Do you shop in Tescos or any other the other big four supermarkets? Do you buy your petrol from a BP garage or any other well known petrol station? Do you go to VUE or Cineworld cinemas to watch the latest films? Or eat in Pizza Express or any other well known restaurant chains? Or do you shop in Boots or Topshop or any other well know retailer? My point is that unless you find a small corner shop or small, independent restaurant or retailer, most places where the average person spends their money will be able to make good use out of an American Express credit card. I was even in a very small, one-of-a-kind restaurant that only took American Express or cash!

So there you have it! Enjoy the use of a cashback credit card. Spend wisely and spend responsibly. Pay off the card in full each month. And, I think you'll find that American Express offers some of the best rates on cashback credit cards. If you're interested in American Express Cashback Credit cards search:

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gradApp - the graduate interview training app

Training for Graduate Interviews

The reason for gradApp

Some friends and I have just launched gradApp, an iPhone/iPad app to assist candidates in preparing for graduate recruitment interviews. The reason for gradApp's inception was to help friends who were struggling to pass graduate interviews. The reason that they were struggling was not due to incompetency of lack of intelligence. It was simply because they didn't have enough time to prepare for their interview, nor knew where to research potential questions. gradApp solves this problem by providing its users with the questions and the user interface to assist candidates to write and practice their answers.

gradApp Details

gradApp covers questions in the following industries:


There are 50 possible graduate interview questions in each category.

It's Free!

The best thing about the app is that it's free to download! In the free version of the app you get you will have access to all of the app's features, however, you can only gain access to 10 questions on each category. This should give the user enough time to decide whether the app might be useful. Then they can decide whether or not to purchase the remaining 40 questions in their chosen category for a measly 69pence, or else purchase all the question in the whole app for £1.99.


The app has the following features:

- potentially 300  graduate interview questions over 6 industries
- the ability to write and to save your own answers per each question
- tips to help you to write and structure your answers
- built in timer and stopwatch for testing yourself
- star your favourite or difficult questions to quickly find them later
- randomise the interview questions
- choose between a flashcard and a list view
- give live feedback on a question and it's tips

How can you help?

Well you might not want to help! However, I'm hoping that if you've read this far you may actually be interested! 

It would be absolutely amazing if you downloaded the app or told a friend/ family who might find it useful to do so. I genuinely believe that the app could help a graduate job candidate.

Other ways you could help us:
- rate us on the AppStore
- Like our Facebook page
- visit our website at
- tell your friends about gradApp
- write about gradApp
- tweet about gradApp
- share this post 

Many thanks for reading

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